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108 Puzzles brings stories to life through fun and creative mediums. We strongly believe in the values and strength that can be learnt from universal teachings and want as many people as possible to benefit. Our range includes Hindu, Sikh, Jain jigsaw puzzles along with Indian cultural gifts.

Our Story

Everyone has a story, mine begins at age 5 with my mum driving me to primary school. I wasn't learning my time tables or nursery rhymes, she was teaching something more powerful, the Hanuman Chalisa. The Hanuman Chalisa is a 40 verse Hindu devotional prayer about Hanumanji. While I quickly learnt the verses through repetition, it wasn't until I was a teen that I truly understood the meaning of such a profound text.

In 2016 the kids around me were going through the same cycle, learning the words to Hindu prayers but not really knowing what they mean. This was the trigger to create, Hanuman's Story. A first of its kind, 108 piece jigsaw puzzle following Hanuman's journey in the Hanuman Chalisa. I also wrote a simplified translation of the Hanuman Chalisa for children to go along with the visual forms created in the puzzle so that every child has the chance to learn and understand this invaluable survival tool. Just from chanting this powerful text I learnt faith and devotion but understanding it, gave it new meaning. I witnessed it firsthand through my grandfather Sant Shree Rambapa who would chant 108 Hanuman Chalisas every Sunday in the UK and was a devoted Hanuman Bhakt.

I've seen a positive response to date to our unique jigsaw puzzles and toys and have continued to expand the collection. This initiative is an opportunity to share my humble knowledge with others and hopefully help the next generation connect to their culture and religion. Check out our shop for all our products along with my blog covering popular bhajans translated into English.  

I've been lucky to work with some very talented illustrators who have brought my ideas to life with their artwork. A big thank you to them for making my dreams a reality. For each project I've picked illustrators who can correctly portray the story i'm sharing and who have a connection to the subject matter.

I very much appreciate all the support for my small business. The main aim is really to educate the next generation, i've done my best to ensure a high quality end product and of course have much smaller print runs than larger companies making the costs a lot higher. I hope you'll see how unique these puzzles are and support my dream of children connecting to their religion amd culture in an accessible manner. 

During the Covid'19 pandemic I added a range of free resources from bhajan sing along videos to Hindu deity drawing sessions, so there's plenty to keep the children busy. I have also been working on translating many popular bhajans in English to give an easy to undersand meaning so that we can know what we are singing. You can find these on the bhajan lyrics page.


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Thank you and Namaste


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