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  • Which puzzles do you sell?
    We have a wide variety of jigsaw puzzles and toys available. The most up to date space to check is our shop as it is constantly being updated. As a summary though these are the boxed puzzles that we have: Hanuman's Story - a unique jigasw puzzle based on the Hanuman Chalisa, it comes with a free translation of the Hanuman Chalisa too. This is a 108 piece boxed jigsaw puzzle, suitable for ages 6+. Rama's Story - covering key scenes of the Ramayana as an introduction to Rama's search for Sita and the story of the Ramayana leading up to Diwali. This is a 63 piece boxd jigsaw puzzle, suitable for ages 5+. Rangoli Mandala Puzzles - available in two designs of 26 pieces, a circular design making a great mindful activity or a 72 piece double sided jigsaw puzzle perfect to decorate your home for Diwali or any religious festival. Tray jigsaw puzzles - 24 pieces - suitable for ages 3/4+ Ganesha's World - Ganesha with his parents Shiva and Paravati set in Kailash Krishna's World - an adolescent Krishna playing the flute in the forest surrounding by all the animals Hanuman's World - Haumanji carrying the Sanjeevani mountain to save Lakshman Mahavir's World - Mahavir Bhagwan on a backdrop of lotuses Tray jigsaw puzzles - 45 pieces - suitable for ages 4/5+ Devi's World - Ambe Maa (a form of Mother Durga) to celebrate Navratri, suitable for ages 4/5+ Krishna's World - Lord Krishna as a cowherd surrounded by lots of animals, suitable for ages 4/5+ (also available as a 24 piece tray puzzle) Guru Nanak Dev Ji - Our serene image of Guru Nanak Dev Ji has a matte finish and set across the backdrop of the Golden temple Mahavir's World - Lord Mahavir on a backdrop of lotuses Other items/toys Cookie cutter and stamp gift set - a set of 6 biscuit cutters and stamp set including lotus, diya and paisley. Build Hanuman out of genuine Lego® bricks - 64 piece building blocks We are always expanding our collection. Sign up to our mailing list or social media so that you can keep up to date with what we're doing. If you have any requests drop us an e-mail.
  • How many pieces are in each jigsaw puzzle?
    Boxed puzzles We don't like to be predictable but for Hanuman's Story 108 pieces :) Rama's Story is 63 pieces boxed jigsaw puzzle. Rangoli Mandala Puzzle 26 or 72 pieces boxed puzzle. Tray puzzles Devi's World - 45 pieces tray puzzle. Krishna's World - 45 pieces or 24 pieces tray puzzle. Ganesha's World - 24 pieces tray puzzle Guru Nanak Dev Ji - 45 piece tray puzzle Mahavir's World - 45 pieces or 24 pieces tray puzzle Other toys LEGO - 64 pieces Cookie cutters - 6 pieces set
  • How big are the completed puzzles?
    Hanuman's Story and Rama's Story when finished are just bigger than A3 size (30 x 43cm). They look great framed in a child's room too! ​ All the tray puzzles of both 24 and 45 pieces are just under A4 size (22 x 28cm) - all the items that end in World Both Rangoli Mandala Puzzles are circular and about 7.25 inches (about 18cm) in size.
  • What is the recommended age for each jigsaw puzzle?
    Hanuman's Story - due to the small pieces (108 pieces) we recommend from ages 6 upwards on their own or younger with help from an adult. There's really no upper limit given how much fun puzzles are! ​ Rama's Story (63 pieces) - from 5+ depending on how many puzzles they do and if they want a challenge :) ​ All our 24 piece tray puzzles - we'd say from 3/4 and up. There's a tray to help children but it is not as easy as it looks as they need to remember the image on their own. Great for building motor skills and apparently some assessment centres use these kind of jigsaw puzzles. All our 45 piece tray puzzles - from age 4/5 up, these are also tray puzzles which is great for building children's motor and memory skills. Rangoli Mandala Puzzle (26 pieces) for ages 4+ given it's circular and symmetrical in design and the 72 piece double sided version is for around 7+. Hanuman LEGO due to small pieces and the difficulty we suggest from ages 6-9 depending on their ability.
  • How do I purchase your jigsaw puzzles?
    Click on our Shop page to buy through Paypal or you can make a bank transfer or drop us a message and we can find the easiest way for you to purchase a 108 Puzzles product :)
  • My order hasn't arrived?
    When your order is shipped you'll receive a confirmation e-mail along with a tracking code. Please check this first. If your product hasn't arrived (please allow up to 5 working days) or is damaged please get in touch straight away and we can see how to fix the issue. Please be sure to check it's not at your post office depot or that you haven't received a royal mail slip before contacting us as someone does need to be home to recieve the order.
  • How will the puzzles be packaged?
    Hanuman's Story and Rama's Story are wrapped in bubble wrap and posted in a small brown box which can then be removed before giving it as a gift. Please ensure all plastic packaging is removed before giving to children. If you requested a gift note it will be inserted on top of the puzzle box itself but inside the brown box. ​ The tray puzzles will be shipped in Jiffy Bags or special envelopes to avoid damage or amalgamated with the box puzzles above. The puzzle is shrink wrapped in plastic which should be removed before giving to children. Be sure to keep the plastic envelope cover which will protect the puzzle from any damage and makes for easy storage. The cookie cutters set will come in an organza bag of different colours unless bought individually and will be shipped in a brown box. Hanuman LEGO will come completed in a plastic zip lock bag with an image for kids to follow in a brown box.
  • Will there be a digital version of our products?
    It is said that children still learn better through physical activity which is why we've made these jigsaw puzzles as physical products. We also feel they have plenty of reasons to look at a screen so we're keeping this 'old school' for the moment. We've done our best to make our jigsaw puzzles colourful and appealing and find children are really enjoying playing with them. The best way to get someone to do a puzzle is to leave it started on a table - they'll naturally get drawn towards it.
  • GDPR and our privacy and cookie policy
    We have taken all measures to be GDPR compliant. You can refer to our privacy policy and cookie policy for more information. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us on
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