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Come here, my dear...simple Krishna bhajan in Hindi/English for children

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Lord Krishna is always a favourite with the kids, he's cheeky, friendly and loved by many. This is a very sweet bhajan in English and Hindi that you can easily add some actions to...

Come here, my dear

Krishna Kanhaiya (x2)

Maine tere liye, dil ki andar mandir banaya (x2)

Butter, misri, dudha, dahi, khuba mangaya (x2)

So much delay, so much delay tumne lagaya

maine tere liye hrdaya andara mandir banaya (x2)

Remembering you everyday me asu bahaun

come home, my dear, arati utaru

why far, why far rahe kanhaiya

maine tere liye dil ki andar mandir banaya (x2)

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© 108 Puzzles
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