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Hey Govinda He Gopal lyrics

Hey Govinda, hey Gopala is a beautiful bhajan that I first heard by Jagjit & Chitra Singh as a child and i'm sure many of us will remember fondly. Singing about the various names and qualities of Lord Krishna

he govinda, he gopaal (x2)

he...dayaal leela

Oh Govinda (Lord of the Cows), Oh Gopala (Protector of the Cows)

Oh merciful Lord

praan naath, anaath sakhe (x2)

praan naath, anaath sakhe

deen darada nivaar

You are the Master of our souls, the companion of the lost and forsaken,

Remove me from this Misery

he govinda, he gopaal (x2)

he...dayaal leela

he samarath, agam purana (x2)

he samarath, agam purana

moha mayaa dhaar

Oh Lord of infinite power and glories!

Please shower me with compassion

he govinda, he gopaal (x2)

he...dayaal leela

andh kupa, mahaa bhayaan (x2)

andh kupa, mahaa bhayaan

Nanak par utaar

Please, carry Nanak across this terrible, deep dark pit of despair to the other side..

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