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How to celebrate Christmas virtually during Covid

As a British Indian Christmas is usually such a fun time for us to be with the family, the whole of the UK stops and I always look forward to seeing my niece on Christmas day. She's basically my excuse to be a big kid.

If a Covid Christmas wasn't hard enough I fall under Tier 4 so Christmas i practically cancelled. After being a bit grumpy about it all I decided to think of ways to still make Christmas special for the family from afar. Here are some tips, I'd love to hear how you are making Christmas 2020 special for your family. I know zoom fatigue is a big thing at the moment so many of these don't need to be done online.

  1. Christmas gift Scavenger Hunt - why not spread out all those gifts for the family with a scavenger hunt. Either just for the kids or for everyone. I sent my sister a set for my niece that she can put them around the house with little chocolate trees, hot chocolate reindeers and then a few gifts spread out.

  2. Pump up the Christmas spirit with some Xmas tunes karaoke - you can find a whole bunch on YouTube and of course dance along

  3. Whether your Christmas meal is for two or more this year the kids can help make little place cards for each of you and personalise them with family nicknames. Add all the little touches to make it even more special this year.

  4. Festive baking is so much fun and you can eat the goodies at the end. Gingerbread people are usually my go to as you can have so much fun creating different characters. Building a gingerbread house is also a great activity if you want it to take a couple of hours and of course you can add a hole to your cookies to add them as ornaments on the tree.

5. Get out the board games and jigsaw puzzles and have some family fun. I obviously have a range of jigsaw puzzles but some of my favourite board games are Articulate, Scrabble, Twister and Monopoly. If you want some quicker ones then Dobble, Jenga and Connect Four are great fun.

6. Alternatively make some paper chains and tree ornaments to add to all the décor. The kids will love the personalised element and be proud to have something of theirs on the Christmas tree.

7. If you've got some extra creations why not post out some boxes or do some drop offs (if safe) of Christmas goodies. I posted some out to some friends and included personalises gingerbread men, hot chocolate packs, brownies and some Christmas themed chocolates.

8. You've probably spent several Christmases' running around and cooking. Order matching pyjamas for you and the family and put your feet up :)

9. Create a Christmas video message for family and friends showing off your skills, be that singing, dancing, playing some instruments or just a heartfelt message.

10. Toast marshmallows in the garden or make some hot cocoa to have and the kids can add their own toppings. Be warned though this may make them very hyper lol

11. Organise a socially distanced visit from Santa himself - the kids will get so excited. You can also leave footprints from santa for the kids to find if it's too late for a visit.

However you're celebrating I hope you do manage to enjoy it - I know things are different this year but I'm hopeful that this years sacrifice will mean a much better and safer 2021.

With love and light and happy holidays!

108 Puzzles Team


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