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Matajis aarti in English and it's meaning - Jaya Aadhya Shakti Navratri arti

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

For the nine nights of Navaratri we sing Matajis aarti the lyrics of which are below. This aarti sings the praises of Goddess Paravati who takes the form of Mataji during this period. Many Gujaratis sing this aarti during Navratri as each verse describes a different form of the Goddess, Her different names and tells us of Her story.

Navratri means nav - nine and ratri - nights. The nine nights of worship can be divided into three sections which are dedicated to the three Goddesses and their various forms:

The first three days are to Durga Maa, the Goddess of Shakti, asking her to remove all negativity from our lives.

The middle three to Lakshmi Maa, the Goddess of Wealth which includes spiritual wealth. We ask her to fill our mind with positive thoughts.

The last three to Sarasvati Maa, the Goddess of Knowledge, we ask for knowledge of the truth and for spiritual knowledge which can guide all our actions and lead us on the right path.

Jaya Aadhya Shakti Maa Jaya Aadhya Shakti Akhand Brahmaand Dipavya Akhand Brahmaand Dipavya Padave Pragatya Ma Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagadambe

Dwitiya Bay Swarup Shivashakti Janu Maa Shivashakti Jaanu Brahma Ganapati Gaye Brahma Ganapati Gaye Har Gaaye Har Ma Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagadambe

Tritiya Trana Swarup Tribhuvan Ma Betha Maa Tribhuvan Ma Betha Traya Thaki Taraveni Traya Thaki Taraveni Tame Taraveni Ma Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagadambe

Chouthe Chatura Mahalaxmi Maa Sachara Char Vyapya Maa Sachara Char Vyapya Chaar Bhuja Chaudisha Chaar Bhuja Chaudisha Pragatya Dakshina Ma Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Panchame Panch Rushi Panchami Gunapadma Maa Panchami Gunapadma Panch Sahashtra Tya Sohiye Panch Sahashtra Tya Sohiye Panche Tatvo Ma Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Shashthi Tu Narayani Mahishasura Maryo Maa Mahishasura Maryo Naranari Na Rupe Naranari Na Rupe Vyapaya Shagadhe Ma Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Saptami Sapt Paatal Sandhya Savitri Maa Sandhya Savitri Gau Ganga Gayatri Gau Ganga Gayatri Gauri Gita Ma Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Ashtami Ashtha Bhujao Aayi Ananda Maa Aayi Ananda Sunivar Munivara Janamya Sunivar Munivara Janamya Dev Daityo Ma Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Navami Navakul Naag Seve Navadurga Maa Seve Navadurga Navratri Na Pujan Shivratri Na Archan Kidha Har Brahma Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Dashami Dash Avtaar Jaya Vijyaa Dashami Maa Jay Vijyaa Dashami Rame Ram Ramadya Rame Ram Ramadya Ravan Roodyo Ma Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Ekadashi Agyaarus Kaatyayanikaa Ma Maa Kaatyayanika Ma Kaam Durga Kalika Kaam Durga Kalika Shyama Ne Rama Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Barase Bala Roop Bahuchari Amba Maa Maa Bahuchari Amba Maa Batuk Bhairava Sohiye Kal Bhairava Sohiye Taara Chhe Tuja Maa Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Terase Tulja Roop Tame Taruni Mata Maa Tame Taruni Mata Brahma Vishnu Sadashiva Brahma Vishnu Sadashiva Gun Tara Gaata Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Chaudashe Chaudaa Roop Chande Chamunda Maa Chande Chamunda Bhaav Bhakti Kayi Apo Chaturai Kayi Apo Sinha Vahini Maa Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Puname Kumbha Bharyo Sambhar Jo Karuna Maa Sambhar Jo Karuna Vashistha Deve Vakhanya Markand Muni Vakhania Gayi Subha Kavita Om Jayo Jayo Ma Jagdambe

Sauvanta Sole Sattaavana Saulashe Baavisha Maa, Maa Saulashe Baavisha Maa, Sauvanta Sole Pragatyaa, Sauvanta Sole Pragatyaa, Revaa Ne Tire,

Maa Ganga Ne Tire Om Jayo Jayo Maa Jagadambe

Trambaavati Nagari Aaye Roopaavati Nagari, Maa Manchaavati Nagari, Sola Sahastra Traan Sohiye, Sola Sahastra Traan Sohiye, Kshamaa Karo Gauri, Maa Dayaa Karo Gauri, Om Jayo Jayo Maa Jagadambe

Shivashakti Ni Aarti Je Koyee Gaashe, Maa Je Bhaave Gaashe, Bhane Shivaananda Swaami Bhane Shivaananda Swaami Sukha Sampati Thaasshey Har Kailaashe Jaashe Maa Ambaa Dukha Harashe Om Jayo Jayo Maa Jagadambe

(Ekme Ek Swarup,

Antar Nava Dharsho

Maa Antar Nava Dharsho

Bholaa Bhoodar Ne Bhaajata,

Ma Ambaa Ne Bhajataa

Bhavasagar Tarsho

Om Jayo Jayo Maa Jagadambe) not sung at DLC

Bhava Na Jaanoo, Bhakti Na Jaanoo, Nava Jaanu Sevaa, Maa Nava Jaanu Sevaa Bholaa Ambaa Ne Bhajataa, Bholaa Bhoodar Ne Bhaajata, Bhavasaagar Tarasho, Om Jayo Jayo Maa Jagadambe

Om Jayo Jayo Maa Jagadambe

This is a great version of the Mataji aarti - Jaya Adya Shakti that you can use to sing along to as it also has the words for you to follow in English and Gujarati. The above version is sung by Gujaratis in the UK but I have noticed that there are a few different versions of this aarti with the final few verses differing. At my local community (Lohana Centre South Harrow) they don't sing a verse which I have put in brackets.


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