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Blue and pink peacock circular mandala jigsaw puzzle by 108 Puzzles

Rangolis are a big part of Indian culture and can also be called Alpana, Aripoma, or Kolam. Particularly at Diwali time you will see many houses have a colourful Rangoli at the entrance of their home. Rangoli said to derive from 'Rang' and 'Aavalli' means row of colours. Rangoli is a colourful symmetrical design made mostly from coloured powder and rice. The lotus pattern specifically is said to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.


When kids are young though this can become very messy so to introduce the children in your life to Rangolis check out 108 Puzzles' bright and colourful 26 piece Rangoli jigsaw puzzle with a peacock at its centre. 7.25 inches in size (over 18cm) when complete it'll be a beautiful addition to your Diwali, Janmashtami or home decorations and the kids will feel involved in the celebrations also.


While 26 pieces, the circular pattern and symmetry makes it trickier to put together, we therefore recommend this puzzle for ages 5+ depending on their puzzle ability. The puzzle comes in a compact box (130mm x 175mm x 37mm) with an image of the design on the front. Jigsaw puzzle pieces vary in size and are made from cardboard. Please note the actual colour may differ to photos due to lighting.


For older children we also have a similar double sided 72 piece Rangoli puzzle in our shop.

Rangoli Mandala Jigsaw Puzzle Peacock 26 pieces

SKU: rangolipeacock26
  • The completed cardboard Rangoli Mandala jigsaw puzzle of 26 pieces is circular with a 7.25 inch radius when complete. The puzzle comes in a compact box (130mm x 175mm x 37mm)

    Each jigsaw puzzle piece is slightly different in size with it being a circular puzzle but average is around 3 cm making it ideal for 5 year olds and above but younger can complete it with some help. Puzzle pieces will be inside the box and kids can use the beautiful illustration on the top of the box to help them put the puzzle pieces together. Please remove any packaging before use.

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