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Hindu jigsaw puzzle of Ambe Maa also known as Mataji by 108 Puzzles

108 Puzzles is very excited to release this Devi jigsaw puzzle. Our Hindu jigsaw tray puzzle is 45 pieces, it's slim size makes it easy to store and it comes in a clear plastic envelope so that it doesn't get damaged (please remove all packaging before giving it to children to play). Jigsaw puzzzles help children develop their motor skills and is ideal for 4/5+ but younger will be able to complete it with a bit of help.


A form of Mother Durga, Ambe Maa is fearless and with her grace and blessings everything improves. She has all the strength she needs within her and takes many different forms, therefore she is often referred to as the feminine energy. Her chariot is a tiger representing her power. In her eight arms she carries various tools. This not only shows that she protects from all sides but that different tools must be used for different circumstances. These tools help us conquer our inner demons such as jealousy, selfishness, anger, hatred etc. Follow us on Insta for more info on Navratri or check out our blog for more information.


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Devi's World - 45 piece Mataji jigsaw puzzle

  • We do our utmost to ensure our products reach you in one piece. Each order is checked twice before shipping. If however, for any reason yours is damaged, identify it straight away and report back to us with images for a refund to be made. Please note all refunds can only be of unopened and unused products. We will not be able to accept any exchanges.

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