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Ganesha 24 piece tray jigsaw puzzle for children aged 3/4+

Our Hindu jigsaw puzzles are a hit with the kids. Trying something different with our 24 piece tray Ganesha jigsaw puzzle, the pieces fit inside the cardboard tray. Since there is no image for them to follow they develop their motor and memory skills, learning to start puzzles from the edges. They'll want to complete it again and again! 


This beautiful jigsaw puzzle of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Mother Paravati is a favourite among the younger kids. We recommend it for ages 3/4+ based on their experience with puzzles. It's a great introduction to Hinduism too with a lovely story about Lord Ganesha and his parents Lord Shiva and Mother Paravati on the back.  If you'd like to know more I did a series of online lives during the lockdown to keep kids busy, you can find my videos on here


The slim packaging means it's easy to store and post! It's a popular gift for all occassions including Raksha Bandan, Diwali, Christmas, birthdays and family celebrations :) 


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Ganesha's World - 24 piece Lord Ganesh puzzle toy

  • We do our utmost to ensure our products reach you in one piece. Each order is checked twice before shipping. If however, for any reason yours is damaged, identify it straight away and report back to us with images for a refund to be made. Please note all refunds can only be of unopened and unused products. We will not be able to accept any exchanges.

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